IME Courses



AT72.01 Deterministic Optimization Models 3(3‑0)

Deterministic Optimization Modeling. Software Packages. Linear Programming. Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization. Dynamic Programming. Network Flow. Nonlinear Programming.


AT72.02 Production and Operations Management 3(3‑0)

Introduction. Location Selection and Plant Layout. Design of Manufacturing Systems. Factory Dynamics. Just‑in‑Time Production. Theory of Constraints. Demand Forecasting. Inventory and Materials Management. Production Planning Models. Methods and Measurement. Operations Scheduling. Advanced Topics.

AT72.03 Statistical Models and Design of Experiments 3(3-0)

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, Data Representation, Probability Theory and Random Distributions, Point and Interval Estimations, Hypothesis Testing, Analysis of Variance, Randomized Blocks, Latin Squares and Related Designs, Incomplete Block Designs, Factorial Designs, Fractional Factorial Designs, Regression Analysis and Goodness of Fit Tests, Response Surface Methods, Taguchi Methods - Loss Function and Optimization.


AT72.04 Engineering Economy 3(3‑0)

Basic Concepts in Engineering Economy. Economic Evaluation of Alternatives. Replacement Analysis. Accounting Concepts. Depreciation and Taxation. Product Costing and Cost Estimation. Risk and Uncertainty. Deterministic Capital Budgeting Models.


AT72.05 Quality Control and Management 3(3‑0)

Quality System, Quality Management System, Planning and Operations for Quality, Statistical Methods for Quality Control.


AT72.06 Industrial Project Management 3(3-0)

Phases of project planning and management. Organizing, staffing and directing of projects. Project management techniques. Case Studies and Softwares.


AT72.07 Multicriterion Decision Models 3(3-0)

Multiple Criteria Decision Making. Theoritical Foundations and Concepts. Preference Information Generation. Multiobjective Decision Models. Multiattribute Decision Models. MCDM Extensions. Case Studies.


AT72.08 Stochastic Decision Models 3(3-0)

Modeling for Decision Support, Modeling Random Processes, Queuing Models, Markov Chains, Renewal Theory, Reliability Theory, Discrete Event Simulation, Industrial Case Studies.


AT72.09 Inventory and Logistics Management 3(3‑0)

Review of Inventory System. Traditional Inventory Models for Independent Demand. Dependent Demand System Material Requirements Planning (MRP). Advanced Production/Inventory Models. Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Logistics and Supply Chain Processes.


AT72.10 Scheduling and Sequencing 3(3‑0)

Introduction. Single Machine Sequencing with Independent Jobs. General Purpose Methodologies for the Single Machine Problem. Extensions of the Basic Model. Parallel Machine Processing. Flow Shop Scheduling. Job Shop Scheduling and Scheduling in FMS. Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling. Simulation Studies of the Dynamic Job Shops. Advanced Topics.


AT72.11 Modeling and Simulation of Discrete Event Systems 3(3-0)

Introduction. Event Graph Model of Discrete Systems. Input Modeling. Design of Simulation Experiments. Output Analysis. Variance Reduction Techniques. Verification and Validation. Modern Simulation Software Tools. Laboratory Sessions on Software Tools. Applications in Industry. Project Work.


AT72.12 Reliability Theory and Maintenance 3(3‑0)

Failure Time Analysis, System Reliability, Design for Reliability, Organizing for Maintenance Operations, Maintainability and Availability, Preventive Maintenance, Spare Parts Management for Effective Maintenance, Maintenance Management Information Systems.


AT72.13 Information Technology for Supply Chain Management 3(3-0)

Introduction to information system, information system integration, communication technology, decision databases, simulation modeling.


AT72.14 Location Selection 3(3-0)

Location Selection Criteria, Minisum Location Problems, Minimax Location Problems, Multiobjective Location Problems, Network and Cyclic Network Location Problems, Advanced Topics.


AT72.15 Warehouse Operations Management 3(3-0)

Introduction to warehouse management, receiving and shipping operations, storage operations, order picking systems, unitization and shipping, warehouse performance measurement, case studies.


AT73.02 Advanced Manufacturing Processes 3(3‑0)

Structural Properties of Engineering Materials. Subtractive Manufacturing Process. Unconventional Manufacturing Processes. Additive Manufacturing Processes. Formative Manufacturing Processes. Rapid Prototyping Systems. Environmental Aspects.


AT73.03 Engineering Metrology 3(2-3)

Introduction. Linear Measurement. Angular Measurement, Thread Measurement. Measurement of Surface Texture and Roundness. Use of Computer in Metrology. Traceability.


AT73.05 Eco-Design and Manufacturing System 3(2-3)

Introduction. Lifecycle Assessment. Design for Recycling/ Reuse. Inverse Manufacturing. Case Studies and Project.


AT73.06 Product Design and Development 3(2-3)

Importance of Product Development. Quality Function Deployment. Functional Decomposition. Modularization. Intellectual Property. Case Studies and Project.


AT73.07 Industrial Packaging Design and Technology 3(3-0)

Flexible Package Materials. Rigid Paper and Wood Based Packages. Plastics, Glassware and Metal Containers. Pressurized Packaging. Design and Manufacturing of Package. Packaging and the Environment. Case Study and Project.


AT73.08 Flexible Manufacturing Systems 3(3‑0)

Evolution of Manufacturing Systems. Basic Tools for Solving FMS Problems. System Support Equipment. FMS Design Problems. FMS Planning Problems. FMS Operational and Control Problems. Production and Process Planning. Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems.


AT73.09 Assembly Processes and Systems 3(3-0)

Fundamentals of Assembly. Technical Principles of Assembly. Production Design for Manufacturing/Assembly. Industrial Robots. Peripherals. Planning and Implementation of Assembly. Modelling and Design of Assembly Systems. Case Studies.


AT73.10 Automotive Design and Manufacturing Colloquium I 1-0

Automotive Manufacturing Engineering Seminar Series.


AT73.11 Automotive Design and Manufacturing Colloquium II 1-0

Automotive Manufacturing Engineering Seminar Series


AT73.12 Molds & Dies Design 3(3-0)

General Mold & Die Structure, Flow Analysis of Molds, Plastic Injection Mold Design, Metal Casting Die, Stamping and Forging Die Design, Mold & Die Materials, Standard Mold/Die Parts.


AT73.13 Vehicle Performance and Safety 3(3-0)

Vehicle Dynamic, Vehicle Performance, Steering System, Braking System, Electric Vehicle, Vehicle Safety, and Collision Avoidance


AT73.14 Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing 3(3-0)

Rapid Prototyping. Reverse Engineering. Rapid Tooling. STL. Direct Slicing.


AT73.15 Multi-Axis Machine Tools 3(3-0)

Types of Multi-axis Machine Tools and Applications, Kinematic and Dynamic Analysis, Programming, CNC Controls, Drives and Sensors, Accuracy Assessment and Improvement, Case Studies


AT73.16 CAE&CAM for Product Development 3(2-3)

Introduction To CAE, Performance Analysis and Optimization, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning), Virtual Reality, Case Studies.


AT73.17 Advanced Material Science for Design & Manufacturing 3(3-0)

Ferrous Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals, Composite Materials and Processes, Plastics, Coatings, Finishes and Adhesives, Testing of Materials, Deterioration of Materials, Economics of Material Selection, Case Studies of Material selection.