Application Requirements

Applicants may apply online or download the application forms from the AIT website.

  1. To apply for admission, applicants must complete and submit the following documents:
    • Acknowledgment cards A & B
    • Admission Action Form
    • A completed AIT Application for Admission (Form 1)
    • Two letters of recommendation from named referees (Form 2)
    • Application for AIT Financial Aid (Form 3) only if applying for AIT financial aid
    • Official attested Transcript(s) (Form 4)
    • Copy of degree Certificate(s) in English
    • Evidence of Proficiency in English
    • Research Proposal (for doctoral program applicants only)
    • Application Processing Fee
      - US$20 or Baht 800 (Application Forms downloaded from the web) OR
      - US$25 or Baht 1,000 (Application Forms received by post from AIT)


  1. AIT is an international institute with English as the sole language of instruction. Admission to AIT requires proof of English language proficiency which may be satisfied in any of the following:

        Submission of an official test score from any of the following standardized English exams: IELTS, TOEFL, ICE TEFOW, AITEIT, GRE (Analytical Writing), CET 4, CU-TEP ( Thailand ), ARC (Lao PDR). The minimum scores for admission are shown in the table below.




GRE (Analytical Writing)




CET 4 (China)


CU-TEP (Thailand)










        CERTIFICATE OF UNIVERSITY MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION. This document certifies that you attained your previous degree from a university where the sole medium of instruction is English. The document should be attested and signed by the University Registrar. Note : Because some schools that use English as a medium of instruction do not meet AIT's standards for English proficiency, the AIT Admissions Unit may not accept certain certificates and may require the applicant to submit a standardized test score instead .

        AIT ENGLISH INTERVIEW TEST SCORE (AITEIT). AITEIT is administered by AIT Language Unit and is applicable only to applicants in Thailand . For details, please contact:

        EXEMPTION. Applicants who are citizens of countries where English is the native language are exempt from this requirement. Proof of citizenship should be provided.

  1. Application Processing Fee
    A nonrefundable application processing fee of US$20 (or Baht 800) for forms downloaded from the web or of US$25 (or Baht 1,000) for forms received by post, is required to process an application. The application fee may be paid by bank draft, valid credit card or cash and should be made payable to the "Asian Institute of Technology". Please fill in the Application Processing Fee Payment Notification Form to prove payment. Payment by credit card should be done by showing the payer's full name, credit card name and number, and card's expiry date. Payment by cash should be made through a third party based in Thailand. For Frequently-Asked-Questions on application, please visit  FAQ.


  1. The Admissions and Scholarships Unit acknowledges all complete application by email. If an email address is not provided, applicants are acknowledged by mail through post.