IME Faculty


Fulltime Faculty





Dr. Voratas Kachitvichyanukul


(662) 524-6135

Evolutionary Computing,

Discrete Event Simulation,

Enterprise Resource Planning,

Just-in-Time Manufacturing System,

Production Planning and Scheduling,

Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis,

Manufacturing Decision Support System





Ir. Erik L.J. Bohez

       Associate Professor

(662) 524-5687

Five Axis Machining,

Molds & Dies Design,


Holonic and Fractal Manufacturing





Dr. Huynh T. Luong

       Associate Professor

(662) 524-5683


Network Flows,

Quality Management,

Maintenance Management,

Supply Chain Network Design,

Inventory Control & Management,

Measures of Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains





Dr. Pisut Koomsap   

       Associate Professor

(662) 524-5678

Rapid Prototyping,

Reverse Engineering,

Abrasive Waterjet Machining,

Product Design and Development,

Sensing and Control for Manufacturing





Emeritus Faculty





Dr. Mario T. Tabucanon

       Professor Emeritus